Financial Education Made Easy

Developed by the UK Shareholders' Association (UKSA). Aimed at all those who should be investors but believe it is too difficult.

What we are about

This site provides basic, unbiased financial education, cradle-to-grave. We exist because innocent individuals cannot be expected to distinguish good from bad in the flood of purported financial advice available to them.

Where you will find this site very different from most others is in its emphasis on basic principles. Other sites teach you the characteristics of financial products but leave you ill-equipped to choose between them.

Our message

Good financial habits are not difficult. They are only made to seem so by those with a vested interest in confusion. Whatever your level of knowledge, if you work through the lessons of this site:

  • you will be able to manage your own affairs, and
  • you will understand the need for good advice and will be able to look for it, and
  • you will be able to recognise biased advice and reject it

How to use this site

There are three learning modules and six sections of supporting material:

Start here: Learning Path

The essential basis for managing your financial affairs. 8 pages, an hour in total.

Simple Investing
All you need to know to invest competently. 11 pages, 15 minutes per page, do one a week.

Advanced Investing
A way forward if you want to improve. 11 pages, 30 minutes per page, do one a month.

Supporting material

Choosing Products
The advice your commissioned 'adviser' won't give you.

The main types of asset available to the individual investor.

The main types of financial product.

ISAs, SIPPs and similar.

Who's Who?
The main players in the Financial Services jungle.

Supporting explanation and research.