Simple Investing

All you need to know to get basic investing right

'Simple' does not mean 'bad'

'Simple Investing' does not mean 'bad investing'. On the contrary, it means a process in which all the simple things are done well. It also means a process that is right and sufficient for 95% of us. For the other 5% there is fun, and maybe even money, to be had in Advanced Investing.

For simple investors who mistakenly imagine they are in the 5%, there is a whole industry out there waiting to make money out of you.

The Simple module

The steps of this module will take you through all that is necessary for Simple Investing.

In Interest, Return and Compounding you will learn about the principle of 'Return', without which you will not be able to make sensible investing decisions.

In Uncertainty you will be introduced to the other essential concept - that of 'Risk'.

In Liquidity you will be reminded of the importance of being able to get at your money.

In Inflation you will be reminded that it's not actually 'money' that you are trying to make.

In Diversification you will be introduced to the most important single investment principle.

In What Assets? and Cash or Shares? you will be shown how to use these concepts to plan Simple Investing.

In Simple Execution you will be shown how to do it.

In Next Simple Steps you will be shown the way forward, if you want to take it, to Advanced Investing.

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